Should we change the Grading System?

Is the grading system a good thing to have in schools, or does too much rely on a student’s grades?

Stephany Massart, Reporter

The grading system has been in schools for as long as we can remember, but should we keep it?

The grading system is used to give students feedback on how they’re doing, but why do the grades we have control us?  Teachers always say that tests are to see what we know, but why should we get in trouble so to speak when we do poorly?  What if we just don’t understand the material being taught?  Why does everything revolve around grades?  Why do we even have grades in the first place?  Getting a bad grade after being told to try your best can really put a dent in someones mental health.  If someone tries their very best but still does bad on a test, why do teachers tell them to do their best?

We should only be graded on if we complete our homework or not.  I still think we should be graded on our tests so we know what we need to work on more in the future, but I don’t think grades should matter as much as they do.  I mean, we should all still work hard on our work, but grades won’t always help that.  What happens when someone works harder than anyone else, but has the worst grades?  Those grades then don’t properly show how hard that student is working.  They may even just give up and stop working hard, thinking that they can’t work hard enough to get grades like everyone else.

Kids shouldn’t have to spend almost every waking moment of their childhood and teenage years working on school work.  They should be able to take time off from school and learn new things on their own.  Let kids have some time to go out in the world and discover, not holed up inside working on school work because they’re too worried about their grades.

Adults tell kids to get involved in things.  Be in sports and join groups.  How can students do this if they’re busy working on school work or even if they don’t have good enough grades to participate in that school sport, even if they’re trying their very hardest.

In conclusion, grades shouldn’t be all that matters to students.  The only way to do this is for things to not be so depended on a students’ grades.  For example, college.  Almost every single college looks at a students’ grades in order to decide if they want that student to attend that college.  Adults say that college’s look at grades to determine how hard-working a student is.  But what if a student is extremely hard-working, their grades just don’t show it?  These are only some of the things that are negative about schools using the grading system and having so much rely on a student’s grades.