Yo no Hablo Español

A student’s guide to passing language class

Amanda Austin, Reporter

There are many languages all across the world, from Mandarin, to French, to English and American Slang.  But one of the most common is Spanish: a confusing swirl of els and las and random squiggles. But there is a method to this madness, and despite all appearances, it can be mastered. Here are some tips to passing your class:

#1: Take Notes

Although is may seem obvious, taking notes is a great way to keep on top of what you’re learning. With all of the specific grammar and vocab learned, it can pay off to keep a record of what you do.

#2: Talk

One of the easiest ways to practice pronunciation is simply trying it out. If you’re too afraid or embarrassed to do it with a friend or family member, speak to your dog, goldfish, or reflection in the mirror. If you record yourself saying the words, you can do some critiquing to make sure that all of those accents are perfect.

#3: Use Your Resources

Your textbook may seem like a burden weighing down your backpack, but it is a great resource for studying. When trying to memorize grammar, the practice problems can definitely be used to your advantage.

#4: Study, but Don’t Cram

Creating a study schedule can help you when reviewing for that big final. If you practice just a bit each night, you’ll have it mastered in no time. One of the worst things you could do, however, is try to pack it all in the night before. Doing this will do nothing to help your memorize it, and you most likely need the sleep more.

#5: Relax!

Don’t panic when you don’t know the answer on your test. Just take a breath and move on, remembering to come back later. If you waste all your time on one question, you won’t finish. In this case, chronological is not the right order. Don’t freak out if you end up doing bad; ask your teacher if you can retake the test during Study Hall or ELT to get some points back, or ask if there is any extra credit you can do. The most important thing to remember when in Spanish is not to worry: have confidence, try your best, and you’ll do fine!