See it, Say it, Send it!

How to be safe and responsible in your school


Door County Sheriff's Department

Hayley LeRoy, Poetry Reporter

In one of Mr. Bousleyś recent ¨Mindful Monday¨ messages, he mentioned a new app our school is using, called See it, Say it, Send it. Now you are probably wondering, what is this new app all about? See it, Say it, Send it is a free app available on the appstore for staff, students and parents alike. The appś main function is to report any suspicious behavior you may have noticed on school grounds. On the surface, See it, Say it, Send it is a preventative tool to keep our district safe, but in reality it can do much more. This app allows any individual to anonymously report suspicious or threatening behavior. Once a threat is reported, it will be sent to the Southern Door distict police, who will then decide whether it is an issue more appropriate for them or for the administration to handle. Another benefit of the app is that the investigating authorities and the individual who reported the behavior can communicate via email. This enables status reports throughout the entire invesigation. In an interveiw, Officer Greg Medlen called the app ¨A very good tool for students and staff.¨ Download the app today to be one more person in a movement of acountability, security, and safety for us all.