Cerulean Skies

Hayley LeRoy, Poetry Reporter

All she ever wanted was to fly

She dreamed

And lived

And breathed

Cerulean skies

And when endless silent tears

Fell into the bruised purple of the night

She realized

I am not enough

I will never be

More than a shattered memory

A breath of air, a wisp of light

Fading fast from sight

And so her dreams

Shriveled and died

And her colors dimned

Still no one asked why

So she learned to hate

And she learned to crave

The shattered screams

Of anotherś pain.

Broken mirrors

Broken minds

Living lies of a different kind

As cerulean skies

Faded to gray

She forgot how to love, forgot how to pray

Too shattered to live, too frightened to die

Too void of emotion to try wondering why

She looked up to the place

Where the stars had once gleamed

With one last wish




For any lingering memory

But she saw only blackness

So deep and profound

Her soul cleaved a little more

And she began to drown

Her head slipping under

The last thing she thought

Was I wish I remembered

The dreams I did dream

Before I dreamt not