Deer Kill Count for 2019 Decreases Significantly

Stephany Massart, Reporter

During this 2019 season of 9-day deer hunting, the number of deer killed went down by about 25%. This has been the lowest number of deer killed during this hunting season in 39 years.

The total amount of registered deer this 9-day season was about 160,000 white-tailed deer. This is a 25% decline from 2018. It has been the lowest amount of deer registered within 39 years.

According to the DNR, the number of hunters to register for a license decreased by 2%.
This year, the 9-day hunt was also significantly later since Thanksgiving was quite late this year. The 9-day hunt was from November 23rd to December 1st, which was from November 17-25 in 2018.

This is leading to more significant amounts of deer. That leads to an increase in the possibility of how many deer hits by cars there will be. It will also hurt food production on farms, especially corn, since that’s the main staple in the diet of all whitetail deer.