The importance of school

Stephany Massart, Reporter

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

School can sometimes cause a lot of stress and create anxiety among teens, but school is an important aspect of our lives.  Imagine not being able to go to school at all.  It would be like summer vacation all year long.  Except for the fact that it won’t always be warm and you’ll most likely be stuck inside for many of those harsh winter days.  You’ll have nothing to do but sit and watch TV.  You’ll eventually get bored of having nothing to do and may even slowly start to go insane.

“Wisdom comes not from age, but from education and learning.” -Unknown

School gives us an education.  It allows us to understand things around us and how we interact with them.  Without an education, our society would crumble.  We need an education.  Education helps us develop our perspectives on the world by giving us more information and allowing us different ways to think.  It helps us form our views and opinions based on all the things we know and have learned.  Having certain information through an education can help us all make some major life decisions.  For example, making a smart decision not to get involved in illegal activity.  You could say no to these things if you had the proper education on them.  The more we learn about the things around us, the more we are able to make the decisions that are best for us and our future.

“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.” -Unknown

School not only gives us an education, but it also allows us to meet new people.  A lot of people go to one school, and it gives you a chance to meet some of them.  If you see someone almost every day, chances are you are going to become somewhat close to them and talk to them.  School is the main place where teens and young children make friends.  You often hear the phrase, “I met my friend back in elementary school,” or even middle or high school as well.  Some people don’t always keep their elementary, middle, or high school friends, but they do usually keep their college friends through their early years of adulthood.  School helps us become close to these people, especially when you work with them on projects and homework assignments frequently.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis

School also allows us to experience new things and try things out.  If you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, school is the perfect place to try things out and see what you like to do.  You can experience new things by taking different classes and joining different clubs and extracurricular activities.  These things can also help form new bonds between people.  Sometimes schools require you to take certain classes, but other times they let you choose some of your own classes.  By doing this, they allow you to explore or hone your interests.  This can make it easier to choose what it is you want to do when you leave the school systems.  It may also help you to develop a new hobby or hobbies by letting you explore new things you may actually enjoy.

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” -Bob Talber

Schools also help to teach students skills they will need to use within the real world.  It helps to ease them into what they will encounter as soon as they leave the school system.  Schools prepare students by subtly teaching them things that they can use in their everyday lives.  For example, giving us homework due the next day.  Not only does this help us hone our skills within that class and get some practice on the material, it teaches us about the skill of meeting deadlines.  Many jobs have deadlines, and if you don’t meet them you could be fired and unemployed.  Another thing schools help us with is showing up on time and not being tardy.  We have a few minutes to get to our next class on time.  It helps us to practice being punctual.  Again, if you show up late to work, you could potentially be fired and unemployed.  Allow this may not seem to sound so bad now, once it actually happens to you, you’ll wish you would have payed more attention to what schools were trying to help you with.

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”

School does a lot of things for the students.  It helps them develop a better education, it lets students interact with one another, it allows students to experience new things and explore their interests, and it helps students develop real world skills.  Although school may seem boring and sometimes maybe even pointless right now, once you get older you’ll realize that school was actually very helpful to you in determining how your future was going to play out and how your life was going to go.  “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln.