Music on the Brain

How often do you listen to music?  What kinds of music do you enjoy listening to the most? Did you know that music can be very beneficial to you?  Well, it’s true.

Music can: improve memory, improve focus, increase creativity and imagination, increase IQ scores. Music can provide people with a coping mechanism, can help control pain, can help a personality to evolve positively, it can improve personal productivity levels, can help improve the normal balance of the body, can relieve anxiety, can improve reasoning and motor skill development. Music makes it easier to engage in social activities, helps in the treatment of heart disease, and can bolster immune system.

If you learn how to play an instrument, these effects will increase and evolve into something stronger.  For example, your memory will grow stronger.  If you have to remember fingerings, dynamics, tempos, articulations, embouchure, notes, rhythms, key signatures, time signatures, your memory will become significantly stronger. Memory will evolve so that a musician can retain all the information learned about playing that instrument, and keep it for later use.

Music can help many people cope with many different things.  Sometimes listening to sad music when you are sad can make you happy again.  Listening to happy music when you are happy can even improve your mood even more, making you happier.  Listening to energetic music may make you want to get up and move around.  This can be helpful when you are running.  Listening to music will often cause a runner to want to go faster to keep up with the tempo of the music.

Music can also help distract from pain.  According to many musicians, focusing on the the words of the song and what the instruments are doing and sound like changes the focus from the pain to the music. You forget about it for a little bit as your brain focusing on something else.

Music can help you in many ways, but it also plays a significant role on our brains.  In some cases, it can help to connect the two parts of your brain, making better communication skills within your body.

All in all, music plays a key part in everyone’s lives whether they realize it or not.  Without music, our world would be no where near the same as it is today.