The Coronavirus

Stephany Massart, Staff Reporter

Over the past few months, a pandemic has spread across the world like wild-fire.  It has scorched the headlines of every news station. Schools are shutting down, countries are ceasing economic production.  There no escaping it.  It has journeyed across the oceans and has found its next victims here in the United States.  We call this life-threatening disease the Coronavirus.  But what is the Coronavirus, and why is it such a big deal?  Where did it even come from?

To begin, the Coronavirus is defined as, “any of a group of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals.”  The scientific name of this virus is: “COVID-19”.  People who are over the age of 60 are more susceptible to dying from this virus.  The United States is declaring a state of emergency.  Schools are being shut down until the end of April.  Teachers and staff are trying to work around this obstacle and are teaching students online.

Many activities are ending for the year, some before they can even begin.  People are told to stay home so that the infection ceases.  This virus is affecting everyone, just not in the same way.  Some people impacted by those who have died from it, having to eliminate all regular activities and routines in order to accommodate for those most greatly affected.

The Coronavirus is said to have not yet reached its peak.  As of March 16, over 6,500 people have died worldwide.  69 of these victims have lived in the United States.  Italy appears to be a few days ahead of us in terms of progression of the disease, having over 1800 deaths.  If we were to base what was going to happen here off of what was happening in Italy, our fatality rates will skyrocket in the next few days.

In conclusion, the Coronavirus has been sweeping across the nation through conversation and news headlines, fueling the fire for when it reaches its peak of destruction.