Brooke Strege, Reporter

Every person has their own style, and I am just here to inform you of the fashion trends, what you should wear for the weather and season, and tips on how to combine your clothes and how to make your clothes look best on you. It is October, which means it’s Spooky Season and we’re slowly getting closer to Christmas. The temperature is slowly dropping, which means no more short sleeves and shorts, but onto the sweaters, sweatpants, comfy boots, and jeans. 

The jeans that are definitely on the radar are Mom Jeans. Mom jeans were fashionable when your mothers were probably our age or younger. They were most popular in the 1980s and throughout the 90s, but celebrities have been bringing back the retro style. I am definitely not complaining. If you want to get mom jeans, normally Target, TJ Maxx, American Eagle, Hollister, or Aeropostale have those types of jeans and many others. Make sure to get a size that fits nicely around the waist, but a bit baggy on the bottom half of your leg. When combining with your clothes, wear it with either tight clothes on the top, or baggy sweaters that aren’t so big and fit kind of tightly above the waist. Try and also wear shoes that give you height and are not wide to make your legs look proportional. 

Also, don’t forget to wear clothes that are fall colors. If you are wanting to still wear bright colors which are more for spring and summer, feel free to mix in yellow, orange, and red into your outfits. 

Another thing, go out with your friends and dress up in costumes before Halloween season ends! I can’t wait to see your guy’s outfits!