Is Seasonal Depression Upon Us?

Seasonal Depression


Nathaniel Snow

Seasonal Depression affects millions of people every year.  The big question here is: what is it?  It is called Seasonal Depression because most people with this condition feel depressed at a certain time of year.

The name is actually Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D.  During the time of a certain season, like winter, the mood is affected at the same time every year.  The mood is changed to be sad or depressed.   Usually the time that most people get S.A.D. is from Fall all the way up to the end of Winter.  Even with many people having this disorder, it is still important to  understand the signs and get help when it is needed.  Some of the symptoms or effects that can be present in people are the feeling of fatigue, depression, hopelessness, bad self esteem, and social withdrawal, although every

person who deals with this disorder will have different symptoms   These are just some of the symptoms that are common.  If any of these symptoms appear for you or anyone you know, ask for help.  This is important for students who attend high school and college.  Even if you don’t have the worst symptoms, you can still be helped.  Talk therapy and medication can help you get back to your life.  Just because someone else is taking a hard situation well doesn’t mean you have to act the same way.  You can only see what’s happening on the outside of a person, not the inside.  Please do your part: when you see or hear anything, say something.