Do looks really matter as much as we think they do?

Stephany Massart, Reporter

Today, many are solely focused on their looks and trying to be what most consider “perfect.”  We spend hours a day on getting our hair just right or wearing the perfect outfit to school.  Girls spend over half of their morning on make-up alone, but is all this necessary?

Looks shouldn’t matter as much as they do.  You shouldn’t have to cover your so-called ‘flaws,’ you should be able to flaunt the fact that you’re unique and you are you, nothing can change that.  You need to embrace it and be yourself, not someone you think others would like.  If they don’t like you for who you truly are, should you be friends with that person or dating that person?  The only thing that matters is your personality, but that isn’t well represented in our society today.  Many think that the only way they’ll have friends or to get someone to like them is if they change everything about themselves.  This needs to change.

Instead of fussing over your looks, we should focus more on things that count, like hobbies or getting good grades.  Grades may seem like just a letter or number to some, but it can pretty much lay out a rough path as to where you’re headed in life.  If you have good grades, you can get into a good college.  If you get into a good college, you can have a good job.  If you have a good job, you’ll be well financially.  If you’re well financially, you won’t have to worry about as much, and life will be that much easier.

I’m not saying that just because you get one bad grade in one class means you’re not going anywhere in life.   I’m saying that we should care enough to do something about it and do something about it before things spiral out of control.

I always hear people saying that they’re ugly or that nobody likes them in the way they want them to.  Nobody is ugly.  Everyone is beautiful and special in their own way, and we shouldn’t be downing ourselves like that.  Just because we think we don’t look good doesn’t mean we actually do look bad.  If you aren’t happy with your love life, it’s okay.  You’re not going to be shunned just because you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.  You should just know that there is someone out there for you, and you may find them soon, or you may find them many years in the future.  We all deserve to be happy, and if spending a ton of time on your appearance makes you happy, I’m not trying to put you down or anything, I’m just trying to say that it shouldn’t matter to you what others think.  It only matters what you think and that you’re being your true self and not lying to everyone….including yourself.