Tourism at Home

Door County

Ella Wienke, Reporter

Having only lived in Door County for less than two years, I still learned how much of a hustle and bustle the location is, especially in the summer. Many tourists from down south come up to visit our neck of the woods every year. So the question for us who live here is this: why is our little community so appealing. Well, there are many unique places all around us that make Door County so special, we just have to find them. Here is a list of the unique places to visit at home this summer:

1. Washington Island Lavender Farm: Washington Island is a great place to escape the busier cities and just enjoy the view. Take the ferry across and soak up the sun, and when you get there, stop at Lavender Farm and take in the colors. With plenty of photo-ops and vibrant plants and not to mention the enticing smell, the Farm has a plethora of unique sights and experiences.

Delilah Rose
Cave Point

2. Cave Point: Door County offers many unique outdoor opportunities, including the various national parks. Cave Point is one of the more well-known. It is a beautiful location on the edge of the peninsula that offers plenty of walking around the nature trails, and also a possible jump into Lake Michigan if you are interested.

Delilah Rose

3. Schoolhouse Beach: Yet another scenic location on the Island, Schoolhouse beach is best known for its rocky landscape and crystal clear water. Whether having a picnic or jumping in the water, the possibilities are endless; especially on a hot summer day.

4. Peninsula Players Outdoor Theatre: Set right overlooking the Green Bay, and the country’s oldest resident professional summer theatre, these are some performances that you will not want to miss. This summer some of the offerings include George Washington’s Teeth and Silent Sky, along with others that will be unforgettable. With the enthralling performances and bonfires offered at intermission, this is one summer opportunity that you will enjoy.

Delilah Rose

5. Cana Island Lighthouse: Located up north in Bailey’s Harbor, the Cana Lighthouse is one of the most visited lighthouses in Door County. Take the opportunity to climb to the top, and you will be greeted by a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan. There is clearly a reason that so many tourists each year take the trek to see what they’ve been missing.