Door County Senator André Jacque


Green Bay Press Gazette

Door County Senator, André Jacque

Delilah Rose, Editor In Chief

In District 1, Senator André Jacque is now the representative for Door County. Many citizens know their representatives by name, and what their positions encompass, but not many details about their representative.

André Jacque values helping people whether it is through volunteering, listening to personal stories, or problem-solving. When asked about his position, he said: “I think it is an awesome honor and responsibility, with the position I have now, to be able to see a problem and solve it.”

Jacque splits his time in Madison with Door County by commuting based on that day, or weeks, schedule. In our hometown of Door County Jacque and his family work together to make sure they are all on the same page with his treks to political meetings and events.

In Madison, Jacque has a central staff of four who keep everything running smoothly. From media to budget and relations, the team of four are on their toes in the office.

When speaking with Jacque and his staff, they all agreed that becoming involved in your interests is the best thing that youth can do while in school. Having experience, whether it be internships or volunteering, puts people in the lead and will help them get a taste of their possible future.

One tip Jacque recommends that youth committing to college is to look for a school that has the best benefits for you. He says to remember to think about the benefits of in-state tuition. André, himself, attended the La Follette School in the University of Madison Wisconsin.  

Besides his love for sports and collecting sports memorabilia, André Jacque is a supporter of local government issues. He focuses in on Public safety with topics such as helping victims of crime, sexual assault, and Dillon’s Law.

Senator André Jacque noted that putting in the time and effort for issues he cares about makes the job that much more worthwhile. In the end, Jacque commented that he feels blessed to be in the legislature today.