Something to Consider

How far will the bullying go?

Rose Purdy, Southern Door Student

How far will it go? How far will the bullying go before everybody opens their eyes and sees the destruction and death all those toxic words and actions cause? Since the beginning of the human race, our actions have caused harm to other animals, our environment, and each other. Perhaps in this day and age, with the technology we have access to, this abuse of one another is going too far.

The community is beginning to see that the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is untrue. Words may be just as bad of a weapon as a knife or a gun. Words motivate people, whether it be good or bad. The year 2019 doesn’t seem to be any different than 2018 with its violence and unrelenting crimes all over the world. We hear so much about the killings of people whether they be adults or children and we’ve become so used to hearing about these repetitive, unlawful acts that we don’t really think twice about it. Back in the days of World War II when Americans were just hearing about the extermination of Jewish individuals in Germany, they were horrified.

Now, as the extermination of the human race commences due to the unlawful actions of others, we look at it with uncaring eyes. What’s a death when someone else is born and can take that person’s place? Death is everything. That is somebody’s brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, or grandparent! Bullying has lead to injuries and even deaths of innocent people. When will we blink away the blindness of our situations? Children have become cruel with the absence of discipline from their parents. The world has become ruthless with the lack of respect to authority figures and elders. Everybody bullies everybody. Everybody disrespects everybody.

The truth is, you are irreplaceable. EVERYONE is irreplaceable. Whether it be a teacher, a parent, a housekeeper, a janitor, a homeless person, a child, they are all important to this life. They are all important to somebody else. This world is an ever-changing place of technology, thought processes, and beliefs. Change often leads to verbal abuse from others, but it can be stopped. We, the people of the United States, live in a free country. Why waste the freedom of speech on belittling others? Why waste the right to bear arms on harming others? We can use our freedoms but use them intelligently for the good of everyone and not just ourselves. Thinking for yourself may lead to the death of someone else. Next time you have something bad to say, keep this in your mind.