Student Spotlight of Hailey Kroening

Stephany Massart, Reporter

Since she was about 9, Hailey Kroening, a Sophomore here at Southern Door, has been involved in a club called the NEW Stangs, which stands for “North East Wisconsin car show”  This group travels to car shows throughout “car show season”.  Hailey has traveled to several places before with this group and her favorite was Sturgis, South Dakota because the event lasts about a week long, including tons of activities to partake in.  Her family got into these car shows when her dad fell in love with a Mustang her grandpa had, her dad buying one in about 2014. When her and her family get to the car shows, they set up their supplies (big tents, chairs, etc.) and wash the cars, sitting by their cars for about 3 hours until awards.  Afterwards, they usually go out to eat.  Being in this club has helped her form several relationships.  When asked about these relationships, she says, “We think of them like family.  So, like, everyone there is technically our family.”  She really enjoys going and when behind the wheel of her 2004 red Mustang convertible, since she has just started driving, she feels powerful and like she can do anything.  She also says that she loves going fast in cars so it can also feel dangerous at times.