Comedy Corner

Why’d the Chicken Cross the Road?


Amanda Austin, Reporter

Stress can be, well, stressing. With sports, musical, and everything else that has been going on lately, time to unwind has been nonexistent. Everyone needs time to to relax and lighten up, and what better way to do that with a little bit of laughter and some jokes? Here are some puns great for laughs, lightening the mood, and annoying your friends.

What do you call a peanut in space? An astro-nut!

What language is junk mail written in? Spam-ish!

Our first president? He did a lot of laundry. He was always Washing-a-ton!

Two grave robbers go to a cemetery and proceed to dig up Beethoven’s grave. When they get to the bottom, they begin to hear a strange noise coming from the coffin. They cautiously open it up and find the man himself, sitting and erasing sheet music. “What are you doing?” They ask. Beethoven looks up and says, “Just de-composing.”

What do you call a seabird who is easily fooled? Gull-ible!

A guy walks into a restaurant with a chunk of asphalt under his arm. He walks up to the counter and says, “I’ll have a water, and one for the road.”

Why did the angel go to the dentist? His tooth was holey!

That tornado last Tuesday was amazing. It totally blew me away!

What do you call a presentation about trombone players? A slide show!

How do you fix a broken tuba? A tuba-a glue!

What’s Beethoven’s favorite fruit? BA-NA-NA-NAAAA!

At a gym, a man walks up to the lifeguard, concerned. He asks, “Is the pool safe?” “I don’t know,” the guard says. “It deep-ends.”

What do you call an intelligent monster? Frank-Einstein’s Monster!