Rainbow Soul

Hayley LeRoy, Poetry Reporter

October 2, 2019

She was a dark whirlwind And her soul A rainbow Trapped within obsidian She is me

Varsity Marching Band

Varsity Marching Band

September 30, 2019


Hayley LeRoy, Poetry Reporter

September 30, 2019

Maybe I am the night sky Always outshone by the sunshine Content to bask in the moonlight Because there are stories Written in these stars And the darkness Somehow heals my scars Constellations may be hard to see But that could ...

Untitled Poetry

Hayley LeRoy, Reporter

September 20, 2019

Underwater echoes Silence in my mind The sea crashes within me I can't breathe but I'll be fine Sinking into daydreams Sipping from the sky Don't mind me, I'm fading The moonlight is divine Even from the ...

Brighten Your Day

Brighten Your Day

May 21, 2019

Something to Consider

Rose Purdy, Southern Door Student

May 16, 2019

How far will it go? How far will the bullying go before everybody opens their eyes and sees the destruction and death all those toxic words and actions cause? Since the beginning of the human race, our actions have caused harm to...

Do looks really matter as much as we think they do?

Stephany Massart, Reporter

May 7, 2019

Today, many are solely focused on their looks and trying to be what most consider "perfect."  We spend hours a day on getting our hair just right or wearing the perfect outfit to school.  Girls spend over half of their morning...